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What do we offer?

 We are truly dedicated in providing the best overseas soccer experience.  All of our customized tours include the activities listed below, based on travel dates and availability:

International Tournaments

Participate in our international 

tournaments and face some of Europe's elite academies.

Stadium Tours

Enjoy a guided stadium tour and see where the weekly action of the German Bundesliga takes place. 

What it's like to be a Pro

Experience what it's like to be inside locker rooms, press boxes and the field area.

Meet Professional Players

Attend a practice session of a professional Bundesliga team and meet professional players in Person.   

Friendly Games

Play additional friendly games, where we will match your team with local and international competition.

Professional Training Facilities

Practice at state-of-the-art facilities.  

City Tours

Tour through some of Germany's most historical cities and landmarks. 

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