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  • How do I receive tour packages with pricing, travel dates etc.? "
    Each team is unique. Therefore, we provide a customized service and create an exclusive itinerary for each team, based on your desired travel dates and activities. Generally, all of our itineraries include all activities, as listed in our section "Soccer Tours" on our website.
  • How many players are able to come on the trip?
    Each team is allowed to bring as many players as possible. However to maximize the experience and playing time for each individual, we recommend the following for our age specific tournamets: 7 vs. 7 tournaments - (12 players total for trip) 9 vs. 9 tournaments - (14 players total fo trip) 11 vs. 11 tournaments - (18 players total for trip) In case there is a large demand of players traveling, we offer the opportunity to register multiple teams for our tournaments.
  • Are the tour packages designed for parents? Are players allowed to stay with their parents on the trip?
    All of our tour packages are designed to create a player-centered environment and enhance team development. Depending on the age group, we recommend players spending as much time together as possible. We offer parents the service with hotel accomodations. However, other services like transportation, food and outside activities are not included in our service for parents.
  • Does SportsNet Global provide overseas insurance for players?
    Yes. We provide Health/Medical & Personal liability coverage for all players and coaches in a group policy throughout the trip.
  • How far in advance should a team book the trip?
    Trips need to be confirmed and booked 6-9 months prior to their travel date. This will ensure the registration process for our tournaments and accomodations.
  • How does the European tournament style differ to american tournaments?
    Depending on the tournament, our elite international tournaments are designed to represent 40-60 teams, including all levels of play. The games are generally shorter (20 minutes), which allows each team to face multiple opponents. Once the group stages are played, teams will then be dividided again into the following: - Golden Round (Top two teams of each group) - Silver Round (3rd place team of each group) - Bronze Round (4th place team of each group) - "Trostrunde" (5th place team of each group) This ensures enough playing time for each team participating in the tournament. To give you a better visual, see the attached image below.
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