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SPNG'S new goalkeeper program was founded in 2021 when Tiger Goalkeeping Academy merged with SportsNet Global Academy to bring Chicagoland and it's goalkeepers the best training and opportunity for youth development possible. Our mission is to create better goalkeepers through game-like scenarios in training, as well as developing the technical and tactical side of the game. Our GK program is also ran by coaches Chris Taborn and Brandon Silvera (former directors of Tiger Goalkeeping Academy) that have a rich and extensive background in goalkeeper coaching, training and development. SportsNet Global's GK Program will be dedicated to providing exposure for those goalkeepers that want to take their game to the next level, whether that's playing in an youth Academy, playing at the collegiate level, the professional level, or going abroad. 

About GK


SPNG Academy's Goalkeeper Program is dedicated to creating successful youth goalkeepers through mental and physical development. We believe that by consistently coaching through game-like scenarios and movements in training will lead to positive development and helping our players understand their roles within the game better. We also believe that creating a fun but competitive training environment helps push young goalkeepers to compete, and ultimately creating a mindset of confidence. We push our goalkeepers individually and as a group to be the best players and athletes they can be on-and-off the field.

GK Philosophy
GK Services


Starting in 2021 our Goalkeeper Program will be hosting and putting on multiple camps and clinics throughout the year, and will be open to all goalkeepers.


We also will provide regular group training sessions, but will be considered invite only as these sessions will be apart of our Academy team's sessions. Goalkeepers (by age group) will be invited to train by attending camps and clinics, where our coaches will be able to fully view breakdown their current skillsets. From there a select number of goalkeepers will be asked to tryout for our regular training academy that will compete in future tournaments and high-level competitions outside their current youth clubs. 

Goalkeepers not interested in joining our Academy part-time are still invited to our camps and clinics, as all goalkeepers will still be evaluated by our coaches. 

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SPNG Academy's Goalkeeper Program is ran by Chris Taborn and Brandon Silvera, who were both directors at Tiger Goalkeeping Academy before the merger. These two excellent coaches have an extensive soccer background in playing and coaching the game, especially in the goalkeeper position. Both coaches have years of experience coaching at the youth club level, and both currently are coaching goalkeepers at the collegiate level for their respected programs. Between the two of them, they have developed and sent goalkeepers to play at the D1, D2, NAIA, and D3 levels. 


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Chris Taborn


Brandon Silvera


GK Staff



HO Soccer USA is the proud sponsor of SportNet Global Academy's goalkeeper program! The HO Soccer brand is a well-renown global goalkeeper brand that has it gloves and gear worn by some of the world's best goalkeepers and coaches. HO Soccer USA has also gifted our Academy and goalkeepers a 20% discount on all gloves and gear on their webstie,, when you use promo code SPNG20 at checkout. 

Noteable Pros that wear HO:

Adrian (Liverpool FC, GK) - England

Willy Caballero (Chelsea FC, GK) - England

Silvio Proto (Lazio, GK) - Italy

Sandra (Barcelona FC, GK) - Spain

Lola G. (Olympique Lyonnais, GK) - France

Roberto Vazquez (Real Madrid, GK Coach) - Spain

HO Soccer
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